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Itchy Itchy Yuck!

Yes, my room is a mess in these pictures. I was worring about other things and didn't bother to pick up after myself
that day those few days. I am happy to report that it is now clean and tidy (almost! I'm transitioning from summer to winter clothes, so there are a few boxes in the middle of the floor) and the bed is made. YAY! for not itching anymore!! YAY! for having a clean room!!
I should probably note that none of the pictures show it at it's worst, right before the third trip for emergency medical care (when I was crying from the pain) so these aren't as big, raised, red, or ugly as they got.

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Remembering Juan Romero Orozco

Juan Romero Orozco, a man from Acatlan de Osorio, Puebla, Mexico, and presumed to be in or near the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, was reported missing after when someone, presumably a family member, made a call to the US Consulate in Mexico, asking about his whereabouts. It has been assumed that he died in the tragedy.

His name was removed from the official list on October 29, 2003, after city officials decided to remove the names of forty people because their death or even presence in New York in 2001 could not be confirmed. “The names removed include illegal immigrants whose jobs were not well documented and people whose relatives say they were near the trade center… but know little more.” (CBS News)

Very little information about Juan Romero Orozco is available, but I tried my best to find out who he was. I suspect that he was an illegal immigrant that worked in or near the World Trade Center. His employer probably did not have documented proof he worked there or look into his disappearance following September 11, 2001.

In early 2001, a Spanish filmmaker made a documentary called "Caminantes." The film is about Zapatista guerrillas that marched “unarmed, to Mexico City in order to speak at congress… in March 2001, in a controversial event. The march was nicknamed Zapatour…” (Wikipedia) The Zapatistas “oppose corporate globalization, or neoliberalism, the economic system advocated by the Mexican presidents from 1982 to 2000” (Wikipedia) The film credits list a Juan Romero Orozco as being largely featured in the film. It is possible that, thinking publicity from the release of the film could lead to unwanted attention and poor treatment by others, Juan moved to New York as an illegal immigrant. I have no proof that they are the same Juan Romero Orozco, but the timing would suggest that they are.

I know nothing of Mr. Orozco’s age, profession, or family. I do know that he died needlessly in a terrible tragedy that shook our nation and rallied the support of the world against terrorism.

May our hearts and prayers be with the Orozco family, as well as all the families of the victims of the attack on September 11, 2001.

The 2,996 Project

I will be posting a tribute to a victim of the 9/11 terrorist attacks today. Please visit the 2,996 site to find tributes to others lost in the tragedy.